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A Foolproof Guide to Building WordPress Websites in 2021

The continuation of the pandemic has opened a vast opportunity to bring small business online. Wether it is restaurants needing an online menu, or your local retailer seeking e-commerce, there are plenty opportunities in your area to take advantage of.

Most of these businesses, prior to the pandemic, did not need to solely operate with a website. However, as Bob Dylan says, “the time’s, they are a-changing.”

During this opportunistic time, individuals seeking a new side hustle, and existing small businesses can capitalize. The ideal way to do so, is to build websites using WordPress.

How to Build Effective Websites using WordPress

There is certainly no shortage of drag-and-drop website builders on the market. With various offerings, there is one that reigns supreme, which is WordPress.

WordPress is an open platform where one can build whatever they’d like over-top of it. This opens the door for hundreds of thousands of options to get started.

If you’ve been looking to start designing on WordPress, it wouldn’t be a shock that your head may be spinning, as there are thousands of different methods for beginning…

Rest assured, our team has found a foolproof method for building effective, professional websites using WordPress.

After reading this article, you will know the best hosting, best way to find domain names, best theming engine, and essential plugins to get you started.

The crucial elements:

There are three major elements to building a successful website. First, WordPress sites need powerful, fast, reliable hosting, as well as a domain name. Then, the website needs a theme engine for customization. Finally, the website needs plugins to further build out the experience.

Having built many website, our team has found the best of these categories to get your website off the ground.


When it comes to a WordPress website, hosting is the most important aspect. Without fast, secure, and reliable hosting, a site will not be successful, as load times have a significant impact on the site’s search engine optimization.

A desirable hosting provider is one that is scalable, which is why we strongly recommend Siteground for all hosting needs. There are three plans for this: StartUp ($6.99/mo. Billed Annually) , GrowBig ($9.99/mo. Billed Annually) , and GoGeek ($14.99/mo. Billed Annually) . Our favorite is the GrowBig package.

Unlike the “StartUp” package, the “GrowBig” package allows for unlimited sites! These sites can have different domain names all are under the same hosting package. It also allows for 20 GB of web space which is more than enough, and free SSL as well.

Additionally, Siteground offers a new domain when creating a website, making this a great all-in-one hosting and domain solution for you.

Sign up for SiteGround here:

Theming Engine

To build the perfect WordPress site, a theming engine is required. WordPress is similar to Android, in the sense that it is an open platform. One needs to be able to design over-top of it so it can be branded accordingly.

The best for beginners and even professionals is Elementor Pro. This theming engine is a drag-and-drop website builder that also allows for advanced customization. It is geared for beginners and requires no code to design a gorgeous website.

You can pick up Elementor Pro here

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is another crucial element. SEO is what allows you to be seen on Google and Bing organically. It is crucial to have a “sitemap” and name your pages accordingly. I can help you offline about this, but the best plugin for SEO is by far AllInOne SEO by SemperPlugins . If you are just going to get the pro for this site, it’s only $39.60 a year, and the pro is worth it.

Check Out AllInOneSEO by SemperPlugins:

Bottom Line

There are various ways to get started building WordPress websites. Some of which are much slower and more confusing that others. Use this guide to get you started for the most efficient way to begin building your dream site.


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