How to Quit a Job in 2021 and Leave on Good Terms!

Quitting Your Job During the Great Resignation

Are you quitting your job in 2021? Here’s how to put your two week notice in and leave on good terms without burning bridges!

As we grow, one of the most important things we can do is better ourselves and if your current job is not satisfying your needs, it is time to move on. We are in the great resignation where many gen-z’s and millennials are trying to find their worth in the work-force and the job search has been more important than ever.

While having a good relationship with your employer is important, it makes it much more difficult to put that two week notice in. Resigning from my position was a difficult decision, but also a pivotal moment in my life. If you are looking to quit your job in 2021 here is how to put in that two week notice.

Know the date and reason for quitting

Be sure to write down your last day of employment. Make sure this timeframe works with their “two weeks” policy as well as any other policies they may have on giving a resignation letter or notifying them of a departure before it happens.

Know why you want to leave, whether it’s because there were problems at work, you hate working from home, or if someone offered you another opportunity elsewhere–whatever the case may be make sure you’re clear about what happened and can articulate this clearly without coming off sounding like entitled or like you don’t care.

Write the Resignation Letter

Before having the conversation with your boss (or HR representative) you’ll want to prepare your resignation letter so you can provide it in the meeting. This will serve as your formal notice of resignation. The letter must contain four key components:

  • Please accept this letter as a formal notice of my last day of employment (date your last day)
  • A professional reason for leaving
  • Gratitude toward your boss
  • Offer help

Here is an example of a great resignation letter template. These templates provide insightful sample resignation letters for your review.

Clearly indicating your intent to resign and last day sets the record straight. This must be in a two-week window or relative to your company’s policy. Next, state your reasoning for leaving but make sure it is professional!

This is not an opportunity to bash anything or anyone. When I put my two week notice, I explained in the letter that I was switching industries and moving to a new city. I emphasized that this was an opportunity for me to grow my career.

Lastly in the letter, thank them for what they have done, explain how you enjoyed working there, and offer ways to help make the transition off as seamless as possible. If you want to maintain a relationship with your employer, be sure to include as many ways to help within your two-week window as a token of appreciation.

The letter of resignation should also include your contact information 

Have the Meeting and Create an Exit Plan

Create an exit plan with your manager so you know what tasks need completing before you leave. This will help out both you and the company. When it comes to your benefits, be sure you know what is covered and how long they will last.

We also recommend having a conversation about the future of your team or department with current and prospective clients. This can help them find replacements for open positions that may need filling if there are any delays in finding someone new before you leave.

Once you’ve received confirmation from HR on when the two weeks start, plan out what comes after if you haven’t already. Be prepared by thinking through which tasks need completing during those last weeks at work so you don’t have an overwhelming list once.

Last Day and Beyond

If you work in a small business like I did, it may be applicable for you to give thank you cards or little gifts to those whom you worked closest with on the last day of work.  If you work in a huge company, this may not be needed.

Finally, don’t forget to ensure that everything is completed so there are not any loose ends left behind. Of course, do not extend your two-week window, but have a conversation to ensure that everything is complete.

Make sure that all obligations are handled before leaving whether or not they pertain to responsibilities in your department (responsibilities dealt out at companies vary). Gather any personal effects from the office including laptops, phones, and any other electronic access cards (e.g.: for buildings or equipment).


This topic is rather important to me as I recently put my two week notice in after serving in my position for almost three years. My reason for leaving was that I had just accepted and signed an offer at a new firm. 

I decided this was the best decision as it offered a considerable pay increase and a full-stack of benefits that was not previously offered. After reviewing these options, my choice to leave was really a no-brainer. 

During the great resignation, the United States has seen wonderful talent move away from their current position. One of the biggest struggles for corporations today is finding and retaining great employees to serve as an integral mind in their operations.

Though I know I have an offer lined up and I’m waiting for my start date, the future is rather ambiguous to me which is still very nerve-wracking. It is best that the future is ambiguous as that is where we learn the most.


Leaving your job on good terms is important- both to maintain a positive relationship with the company and because you never know when you might need to return. Staying in touch with your coworkers is a great way to keep a relationship with your team as well. 

If your current position is not satisfying, it is time to move on, but do so the right way!


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